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Exponent "Upside Down" CD

Exponent "Upside Down" CD

Exponent "Upside Down" CD

Art. Nr.: CD-177 Land/Jahr: GER 1974

Very keyboard-oriented, with mellotron, flute and English lyrics.
Sofort lieferbar.

A real dig, discovered only recently. Very keyboard-oriented, with mellotron, flute and English lyrics. Neat studio recordings. The Wuppertal group – basically a successor band of Cannabis India – existed only from 1974 until 1976. Back then in 1974 they recorded some songs for an LP but did not release it. Which was a shame as it would have been a real asset e. g. on the Brain label. Only in 2014, a man from Berlin came up against it almost by chance and released it as an LP on his Korusuro label. It was received very well by the listeners and was much praised. And now finally the CD edition, drawn from the master tapes. The 32-page booklet contains a detailed band history in German and English, photographs, lyrics, etc. A highly recommended album.


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