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Gunslingers "No More Invention" CD

Gunslingers "No More Invention" CD

Gunslingers "No More Invention" CD

Art. Nr.: WIS-3006 Land/Jahr: FRA 2008

Expect pure apotheosis of wild horror biker freakouts, acid avant-punk & trippy psych-noise.
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Here is the self-confessed Slinger´s electric companion, a huge onset tour de force hailing from the realm of San Pedro (FR) and that should cause weird effects through Invention´s great (golden) Ass. First came Gunslingers, raising against the Big Bullshit, then came No More Invention, wearing a nine-acts sling of an hilarious outrage, introducing the ultimate assault of her illegitimate 3 sons, also known as massacre-rock deviant inquisitors, a French deconstructionist trio who needed to abuse the artifacts of some Lost Rock Synthesis in one Total, furious & quintessential record, like an evil paradox of Rock.

Expect pure apotheosis of wild horror biker freakouts, acid avant-punk & trippy psych-noise with no respite from the Action breakneck speed: Gregory Raimo aka GR´s incriminating unspoken Yaya words and unparalleled orgiastic guitar savagery over control, spacey analog effects fulminations & feedbacks culminating with Matthieu Canaguier´s hypnotic & castrationist ritual Thunderbass, and Antoine Hadjioannou´s prophetic mad with scalp crashing down Drums-machete! From the gigantic 13 min. long blowing krauty prayer of Lighter Slinger Festival to the frightening embodiment of Nathaniel Hauthorne´s The Minister´s Black Veil, this is some magnetizing unknown & sacred distillation! 

Comes with 4p.booklet of awesome artistic statement in a limited digipack edition! Loud & irreverent up to hilarity, and paradoxically, largely out of any category, this freakish explosive mixture, recorded in 2007 in three days, re-pioneers the hijacking of Rock landmarks. Probably based on Lady Hysteria´s (herself) voluntary uncontrolled intent, Gunslingers´ No More Invention spreads the enlightenment of catastrophic happenings and a non-sense of epic Blackout scenes into electric rounds fury. Be prepared for a constant state of shock!

Album of the Month by Julian Cope (Head Heritage / Aug 2008).


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