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Gold "San Francisco Oregins" LP + 7"

Gold "San Francisco Oregins" LP + 7"

Gold "San Francisco Oregins" LP + 7"

Art. Nr.: RFR-019 Land/Jahr: USA 1970

Brings true 60s S.F. Hell´s Angels party feeling to your home!
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This previously unreleased LP-edition contains an important part of S.F. underground history with GOLD´s first incarnation with Leadsinger Richard Coco, known from the "No Parking" 45RPM already released on LP by Rockadelic and on a CD-compilation "Nuggets from the Golden State" by Big Beat. Here you hear a live set at the Fillmore-West audition, a qualification gig for Bill Graham´s club circuit, which was successfully passed. Gigs at Winterland and Fillmore-West followed. These 42 minutes reach the highest level of power and a unique kind of heavy acidrock sound (containing a 6 min. killer version of "No Parking"), bizarre Rock ´n´ Roll vocals, Ed Scott´s hypnotic rhythm guitar, mindblowing bass and drums create an outstanding and surrounding flow.

Joe Bajza´s soaring solo guitar played in a kind of aggressive Cipollina / Jeff Beck style is brilliantly intense. This combination brings true Sixties S.F. Hell´s Angels party feeling to your home. Also included are an extra their 45 RPM incl. the previously un-reissued flipside of "No Parking", a 4:45 minute sensitive but totally unexpected version of Gershwin´s "Summertime" produced by Country Joe McDonald. Then there´s a poster and great liner notes that reflect the golden sprit of the late 60s early 70s in San Francisco.


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