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The Lone Crows "Dark Clouds" CD

The Lone Crows "Dark Clouds" CD

The Lone Crows "Dark Clouds" CD

Art. Nr.: WIS-3023 Land/Jahr: USA 2014

The Lone Crows continue with newfound ambition and present their second LP “Dark Clouds”.
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After releasing their self titled debut album last year, The Lone Crows, a young and promising quartet from Minneapolis, MN garnered a lot of praise for their mix of Blues and Psychedelic Jams, convincing listeners with it’s playful freshness and authentic passion. They continue now with newfound ambition and present their second LP “Dark Clouds” for their first European Tour beginning in May 2014. With no frills, analog production, the captivating dynamics and spirited compositions take you on a trip from today back to 1970 and even further beyond.

The group takes their dominant blend of Heavy Blues and Hard Rock elements and mixes it exceptionally with influences across the history of rock, such as West Coast Psychedelia, moments of Funk and Soul, Grunge and Alternative, and their progressive Thrash Metal roots. You can hear parallels to bands like Led Zeppelin, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Canned Heat, Santana, The Beatles, Robin Trower, Spooky Tooth, Spirit, The Black Keys, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more. Each song showcases strong and melodic vocals full of hooks, intense and soaring guitar work, and a multi-faceted, driving rhythm section, coming together to create a punchy and organic atmosphere that’s bound to conjure up a smile on the face of every music freak. Dark Clouds is the perfect album for a long road trip- highly addictive!


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