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Murder In The Cathedral "Afraid Of" CD

Murder In The Cathedral "Afraid Of" CD

Murder In The Cathedral "Afraid Of" CD

Art. Nr.: LHC-060 Land/Jahr: FRA 1999

Amazingly underrated French neo-psychedelic band.
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Amazingly underrated French neo-psychedelic band. Arisen from the ashes of The Heretic Dreams Murder in the Cathedral was found in the beginning of the 90s by Brothers Stephane (guitar, keyboards, vocals) and Pascal Moru (bass, keyboards) and drummer Gilles Lepron. Influenced by new groups like Plasticland, Prisoners and in the tradition of 13th Floor Elevators, Chocolate Watchband or Plastic Cloud, the boys tried to create their own sound. Their first eponymous album (entired as bonus album on this CD), released in 1996, shows a mixture of guitar-oriented neo-psyche in the vein of Plastic Cloud, Morgen and Grateful Dead.

It consists of 8 titles, instrumental pieces alternating with vocal (sung in English) ones. It was very positively received in the neo-psychedelic underground and the limited edition of 500 was sold out within a few months. 2nd album "Afraid of" saw the light of day in 1999. Now the music is much more structured and contains less jam-like passages. According to the reviewers the crucial sound influences rage from the Byrds to Bevis Frond, combing the San Francisco acid sound of the 60s with oriental sounds. Again the album (limited edition of 500) was sold out within a few months. Although Long Hair is specialised in psychedelic/progressive-music of the 60ties and early 70ties, we like to present all lovers of psychedelic-music this outstanding band.

All titles are digitally remastered from original tape. Booklet comes with extensive personal linernotes by guitar player and singer Stephane Moru including rare and unseen photos. Don´t miss this CD!


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