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Modulo 1000 "Nao Fale Com Paredes" CD

Modulo 1000 "Nao Fale Com Paredes" CD

Modulo 1000 "Nao Fale Com Paredes" CD

Art. Nr.: WIS-1025 Land/Jahr: BRA 1971

A synergy of British and American heavy rock and obscure Exotica.
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Modulo 1000 is one of Brasil´s most famous progressive rock bands of the early 1970s. Their only album from 1971 became legendary in the collectors scene as one of the weirdest South American psych albums. The music is a synergy of British and American heavy rock (Black Sabbath, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin) and obscure Exotica. As Luiz Simas (organ) remembers: "The music of Modulo 1000 had its own appeal to an audience that wanted a heavy, raw, experimental, psychedelic sound. Our kind of music did not make it to the radio stations. It was too wild. The distribution of the record was done in a very limited way. The record label directors, which probably didn't understand or even didn't like our music, did zero promotion for the LP." This 2nd CD-edition contains 8 bonustracks, same as the first edition, but now in jewel box format with 2 booklets a 6 page fold-out of the stunning conceptual original cover artwork, plus an extra 12 p. booklet with, bio and lots of photos. Highly recommended as one of the most terrific psychedelic, artistic statements of the 70s progressive hippie-era!


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