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iH8 Camera "s/t" CD

iH8 Camera "s/t" CD

iH8 Camera "s/t" CD

Art. Nr.: WIS-2506 Land/Jahr: BEL 2008

Experimental guitar-driven musician collective Belgium with influences of early Pink Floyd, 13th Floor Elevators but also modern stuff.
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The experimental guitar-driven musician collective, iH8 Camera (="i hate camera") from Antwerp, Belgium was formed by 2004, around the nucleus of the Love Substitutes. iH8 Camera performs rarely but frequently live and in changing line-ups and Trip In Time discovered them for the Burg Herzberg Festival 2006 (Europe´s biggest Hippie Fest). The Sextett arrived at the Freakstage just in time for their set - ready to plug in and perform this mindblowing 50 min improvisational Freak-Out-Show. Their odyssey seemed long and must have been impressive to the band; finally they got inspired to name their 7 songs after cities from the area which have been passed on this trip, lyrics reflect the true stories about life on road!

For sure you´ll recognize influences of Pink Floyd´s early period (69-71), 13th Floor Elevators - but also more modern ones, such as Radiohead or Deus (Ward & Trouvé are former Deus members). We assume that not many festival visitors will remember this show but finally this awesome performance will be available, mixed by the band and mastered to excellent sound-quality. These catchy and floating psychedelic sounds will leave no one untouched! It´s the major league among today´s experimental rock albums, where present and future of rock collide in the progressive world of iH8 Camera.


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