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Vita Nova "s/t" LP

Vita Nova "s/t" LP

Vita Nova "s/t" LP

Art. Nr.: LP-014 Land/Jahr: AUT 1971

Very exceptional underground artrock, featuring a Hohner clavinet and Latin lyrics.
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Very exceptional underground artrock, featuring a Hohner clavinet and Latin lyrics. Played by real talents and professionals and recorded at the well-known Munich Union-Studio. Eddy Marron had been a professional musician since 1958, who performed in Innsbruck on the occasion of the 1964 Winter Olympics, and later made a name for himself with Dzyan and Missus Beastly. Keyboarder Sylvester Levay had a musical degree and was a professional musician as well. He would later write some highly successful musicals. He and the third man, drummer Christian von Hoffmann, were members of the same orchestra. Besides their professional duties, the three of them wanted to realize their dream and recorded this one LP in 1971, calling themselves Vita Nova and never had any live gigs at all. It was an edition of only 500 copies, which is today traded at about € 1000 in mint condition. The new edition contains two bonus tracks which were then planned to be on a single that however wasn´t released. Just listening to the smashing "Whirl Wind" makes the LP worth its money.


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