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Nine Days Wonder "s/t" LP

Nine Days Wonder "s/t" LP

Nine Days Wonder "s/t" LP

Art. Nr.: LHC-100 Land/Jahr: GER 1971

The self-titled debutalbum by Nine Days Wonder was originally released in 1971.
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The self-titled debutalbum by Nine Days Wonder was originally released in 1971 and one of the very first recordings for the newly found label Bacillus of producer Peter Hauke. Nine Days Wonder with their international line-up consisting of bandfounder and singer Walter Seyffer, Rolf Henning (guitar, piano), Karl Mutschlechner (bass) from Austria, John Earle (vocals saxophone, flute, guitar) from Ireland and drummer Martin Roscoe from England took inspiration from Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, King Crimson and Soft Machine. 

The albums four titles were recorded by top recording engineer Dieter Dirks in his studio in Cologne. It turned out exceptional, both in regard to music and artistic form: the music´s highly complex, with surprising arrangements, ranging from rough guitar riffs to the feel-good sound of acoustic guitar, unisonal baubles of guitar and saxophone, weird and harmonic songs, sudden changes of tempi. The album features such a multitude of facets that multiple hearings are required to appreciate them all, and they certainly make for entertaining listening. 

A musical fireworks display bubbling over with ideas that need not shun international comparison. From the artistic point of view the band had also come up with quite something. The first edition was released in a cover made of green foam, quite extraordinary and rather pricey, so the later editions featured the "fish cover" created by Hipgnosis for the English release. This reissue is an exact production of the original first edition af the album with a cover made of green foam and double gatefold sleeve. 

Remastered from the original master tape the sound is brilliant. The album comes with a 4-pages insert, which contains not only the first part of the band history (the latter will follow with Nine Days Wonder albums II & IV) but also rare and unseen photos and of course the "fish-cover" of the second edition of the albums release. This is a real gem for all the lovers of the genre. After 10 years of existing Long Hair celebrates its anniversary with this special limited edition.


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