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Neue Aera "Aerabian" CD

Neue Aera "Aerabian" CD

Neue Aera "Aerabian" CD

Art. Nr.: LHC-096 Land/Jahr: GER 2008

Open minded and innovative. A logical continuation of AERA´s earlier albums.
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Led by original AERA (HUMANUM EST / HAND UND FUSS) bandfounder, composer and guitarist Muck Groh and his colleagues from the early days, drummer Wolfgang Teske and violinist Christoph Krieger, completed by bass player Jonas Gruber (son of Muck), flautist and sax player Armin Fleissner and guest singer Pia (on 3 titles), now it´s time for NEUE (NEW) AERA. Founded in 2008 NEUE AERA, first of all, was a just for fun - project. But very soon the musicians experienced that the old and new magic was still there and - like in the early seventies - Muck took over the leading role and composed new stuff without denying his roots of the old AERA-period, heavy influenced by a progressive jazz rock and hints of Arabian/ Oriental sounds. Guitars all over, played with incredible power, heavenly melodies, terrific hook lines, pure strength, alive and kicking, lovely vocals, emotional violin interludes, superb flute and sax playing, all held together by a perfect playing rhythm section. NEUE AERA´s album "AERABIAN" is open minded and innovative, a logical continuation of AERA´s early albums "Humanum Est" and "Hand und Fuss", a real killer. 11 Tracks, playing about 65 minutes.


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