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Et Cetera "s/t" CD

Et Cetera "s/t" CD

Et Cetera "s/t" CD

Art. Nr.: LHC-071 Land/Jahr: GER 1971

This album will be a Krautrock-masterpiece for all time. It's highly unique.
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First ever released on CD, ET CETERA´s epononymous album (1980 reissue on Brain titled "Lady Blue"), originally released in 1971 on Global is an extraordinary album of weirdly trippy fusion that rides somewhere between instrumental Amon Düül II, Embryo and Dauners own earlier classic "Output". Full of ethnic (Arabic and Indian) spice with lots of the ethnic colour added by legendary guitar and sitar player Sigi Schwab (Embryo), odd keyboard sounds by Wolfgang Dauner, dreamy bass patterns by Eberhard Weber and driving percussions by Fred Braceful and Roland Wittich, this is spacy, crazy, Krautrock and - a bit jazzy. Alan and Steven Freeman (The Crack In The Cosmic Egg) present this album in their Krautrock Top 100. 

Maybe the album was originally planned as a double-LP because there are 3 more titles from the same recording session, which really knock you out. "Kabul" is a killer, especially because of Schwabs exploding electric guitar and Webers driving bass. "Tau Ceti" is a wonderful dreamy delight presenting Schwabs gorgeous acoustic guitar playing. Last but not least bonus track "Behind The Stage" connects Schwabs special electric guitar with a band atmospheric but rhythmic fundamental play. This album will be a masterpiece for all time. It's unique. Digitally remastered from the original master tapes. The sound is brilliant. CD comes with informative booklet.


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