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Agitation Free "2nd" CD

Agitation Free "2nd" CD

Agitation Free "2nd" CD

Art. Nr.: CD-071 Land/Jahr: GER 1973

Among the top 100 kraut rock records!
Sofort lieferbar.

During their existence Agitation Free managed to release only two LPs "Malesch" (1972) and "2nd" (1973), both on Vertigo with the swirl-label, both being collectors´ items today. With their spheric soundscapes, both albums are timeless classics and justly listed among the top 100 German Rock records by the Freeman brothers in their anthology "The crack in the cosmic egg". Master works, after all, can be created without the help of vocals. An impressive seven CDs have been released since the band split up, which shows how good they were and how popular they are today. Their second effort, featuring a welcome mellotrone, is probably better than their first LP. Although influences of early Pink Floyd, Ash Ra Tempel and eastern music are not deniable, their recordings give evidence of a strong originality.


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