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Nine Days Wonder "s/t" LP

The self-titled debutalbum by Nine Days Wonder was originally released ...
38,00 € *

Out Of Focus "Four Letter Monday Afternoon" LP

Their third album. A unique rock, jazz, psychedelic blend combined with ...
29,00 € *

Haze "Hazecolor-dia" LP

Haze were amongst the first to present the uniquely German Hard Rock sound.
29,00 € *

Cravinkel "s/t" LP

Blues-folk-rock tracks with slightly psychedelic influences similar to ...
25,00 € *

Heat "Old Sparky" Col-LP

Limited clear vinyl-edition.
24,00 € *

Dunst "Archimedes Waffen" Col-LP

Limited orange marbled vinyl-edition.
22,00 € *

Cravinkel "Garden Of Loneliness" LP

The second album left the terrain of Blues Rock and turned more towards ...
22,00 € *

Blackbirds "A Touch Of Music" LP

2nd album, originally released in 1971 with a complete new line-up - ...
21,50 € *

Serpentina Satelite "Nothing To Say" Col-LP

Limited red vinyl-edition.
21,00 € *

Armaggedon "s/t" LP

This album is a perfect example of the early 70s German progressive ...
21,00 € *

Murphy Blend "First Loss" LP

One of the best and rarest early German progressive rock records ...
21,00 € *

Dzyan "s/t" LP

An intriguing album that is still fresh today.
20,00 € *

Ihre Kinder "Empty Hands" LP

Ihre Kinder were the pioneers among the politically and socially ...
20,00 € *

Lied des Teufels "s/t" LP

A politically and socially engaged post-MURPHY BLEND and HANUMAN outfit.
20,00 € *

Hanuman "s/t" LP

Strongly politically and socially engaged while it´s musically very ...
20,00 € *

Epidaurus "Earthly Paradise" LP

Most wanted opus of German symphonic rock with two keyboarders incl. ...
19,50 € *

Weed "s/t" LP

Very similar to Uriah Heep between "Salisbury" and "Look ...
19,50 € *

Dzyan "Mandala (SWF-Session)" LP

These recordings are among the best ever recordings at the SWF session ...
19,50 € *

Joy Unlimited "Minne" LP

As its forerunners “Schmetterlinge” and “Reflections”, a ballet ...
19,50 € *

Missus Beastly "Bremen 1974" LP

Free instrumental jazz rock.
19,50 € *

Hallelujah "Hallelujah Babe" LP

Accessible blend of psychedelic and progressive styles.
19,50 € *

Missus Beastly "SWF Session" LP

Includes improved versions of older titles and some new titles which ...
19,50 € *

Siddhartha "Weltschmerz" LP

An intelligent mixture of progressive and art rock influenced by ...
19,50 € *

Made In Germany "s/t" LP

One of the Top 5 Krautrock releases!
19,50 € *

Sündenfall II "s/t" LP

A mixture of folk and jazz influenced by Jethro Tull.
19,50 € *

Pell Mell "From The New World" LP

This is the 2nd album of Pell Mell, one of the most symphonic krautrock ...
19,50 € *

Lightshine "Feeling" LP

Fans of early Pink Floyd will thoroughly enjoy this LP.
19,50 € *

Light Of Darkness "s/t" LP

A hybrid of Status Quo and Canned Heat with an unusual psychedelic bent ...
19,50 € *

Missus Beastly "Dr. Aftershave And The Mixed Pickles" LP

Missus Beastly’s third album.
19,50 € *

Nine Days Wonder "Sonnet to Billy Frost" LP

Similar to the "Only The Dancers" album Nine Days Wonder was ...
19,50 € *

Ejwuusl Wessahqqan "s/t" LP

A Munich band acquainted with Amon Düül II.
19,50 € *

Alcatraz "Vampire State Building" LP

Alcatraz from Hamburg presented a pleasant and mainly instrumental ...
19,50 € *

Sitting Bull "Trip Away" LP

Comparable to Quicksilver Messenger Service, but with the unique Kraut ...
19,50 € *

Apocalypse "s/t" LP

Second album of "hitwonder" from Germany. Highly recommended!
19,50 € *

Tyburn Tall "s/t" LP

A rather organ-oriented record with the keyboarder being a real achiever.
19,50 € *

Pell Mell "Marburg" LP

A unique combination of psychedelic and progressive sounds, complex and ...
19,50 € *

Gila "Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee" LP

Only album after the break-up of the first line-up.
19,50 € *

Dzyan "Time Machine" LP

Offers virtuous and unorthodox musicianship with a high and very own ...
19,50 € *

Dull Knife "Electric Indian" LP

Combine Deep Purple-influenced hard rock with blues rock.
19,50 € *

Joy Unlimited "Reflections" LP

According to the Freeman brothers it is redolent of Raw Material and ...
19,50 € *

Nine Days Wonder "We Never Lost Control" LP

Their 2nd album, a very melodic, powerful, excellent krautrock document!
19,50 € *

Nine Days Wonder "Only the Dancers" LP

The first official reissue of the 3rd album of the legendary Krautrockband.
19,50 € *

Missus Beastly "s/t" (1974) LP

Instrumental jazz-rock, played by a significantly changed line-up.
19,50 € *

Drosselbart "s/t" LP

Early German heavy psychedelic rock, akin to early Tomorrow's Gift ...
19,50 € *

Thrice Mice "s/t" LP

Great krautrock album with notable influences as wide-ranging as ...
19,50 € *

Missus Beastly "s/t" (1970) LP

Among the most famous German psychedelic bands.
19,50 € *

Tetragon "Stretch" LP

Their second album from 1971, finally available!
19,50 € *

Rufus Zuphall "Outside The Gates Of Eden" 2CD

A superb work, which reminds the best moments of their classic second ...
19,00 € *

Aera "Mechelwind" 2CD

This double CD unites absolute rarities of this famous German band.
19,00 € *

Aera "Hand und Fuss" LP

Second album of this great German band for the first time re-released ...
18,50 € *