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Hard rock

B.B. Blunder "Workers Playtime" CD

Often regarded as Blossom Toes third album!
15,00 € *

Headstone "Still Looking" CD

An outstanding 70s hard-rock album with several flashes of the upcoming ...
14,50 € *

Orange Wedge "No One Left But Me" CD

Excellent guitar-driven sound with a melodic psych/prog/rock-feel.
15,00 € *

Orange Wedge "Wedge" CD

Orange Wedge hailed from Baltimore, Maryland US, where they formed in ...
15,00 € *

Climax "Gusano Mecanico" LP + 7"

The South American wildness and the excellent musicianship make this ...
38,00 € *

CWT "The Hundredweight" LP

A must have for all early 70s heavy progressive fans.
20,00 € *

Ellison "s/t" LP

An early hardrock masterpiece with melancholic moments and intense songs.
47,00 € *

Headstone "Still Looking" LP

An outstanding 70s hard-rock album with several flashes of the upcoming ...
18,00 € *

Michael James "Runaway World" LP

Combination between aggressive fuzz-garage-hard rock and atmospheric ...
29,00 € *

Karthago "Rock ´n´ Roll Testament" LP

Their 3rd album with strong songs, jazz and funk elements, backed up by ...
28,00 € *

Jeff Simmons "Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up" LP

Closest in execution to the Mothers of Invention.
18,00 € *

Irish Coffee "s/t" CD

Only album of this great progressive band from Belgium.
15,00 € *