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Tomorrow´s Gift "Goodbye Future" LP

Tomorrow´s Gift "Goodbye Future" LP

Tomorrow´s Gift "Goodbye Future" LP

Art. Nr.: LHC–187 Land/Jahr: GER 1972

Instrumental jazz-rock with forceful keyboard and bass-interplay.
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After the release of the famous and all time classic double - album in 1970 on Plus the five - piece Tomorrow's Gift split up in 1971, but Manfred Rürup and Bernd Kiefer kept the band going. They recruited Zabba Lindner (drums) from Sphinx Tush and recorded 'Goodbye Future' (1972) as a trio, an ironic title considering the name of the group! According to Dag Erik Asbjornsen (Cosmic Dreams at Play) the album was technical better than the 1st album as the engineering and production were handled by Conny Plank.

The sound of Tomorrow's Gift had changed completely and now leaned towards instrumental jazz-rock with forceful keyboard and bass-interplay. It was indeed a very varied album: Canterbury-influenced jazz-rock with improvised free jazz parts, general Zappa - esque weirdness and musical jokes. The album wasn't released until a year after the recordings were completed.

The album was well received by all lovers of the genre. When sax- and clarinet player Norbert Jakobsen joined the trio in 1974 the new quartet changed their name to Release Music Orchestra and recorded five albums for Brain label. But that's another story. Album comes in exact reproduction of original cover (die-cut round whole cover), music remastered by Jörg Scheuermann, band story and rare photos. A real highlight!


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