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Gila "Night Works" LP

Gila "Night Works" LP

Gila "Night Works" LP

Art. Nr.: LP035 Land/Jahr: GER 1972

Recorded during a gig on 2/26/1972 by the band's first line-up.
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'Night works' is featuring tracks unknown from the other Gila LPs. They were recorded during a gig on 2/26/1972 by the band's first line-up. The recording quality does not meet today's expectations, but a lot of effort was invested to get rid of background hiss and other noises with the help of the most modern digital equipment. Nothing was changed, however, and listeners may forgive some flaws and imperfections as it was impossible to do more. The cover artwork was painted by Conny Veit himself. The 12-page booklet in LP size contains an extremely elaborate history of the band in German, English and Swedish, a very meticulous discography, numerous cover and label repros, many so far unseen Gila photographs, leaving nothing left to be desired. Limited edition of 1000 numbered LPs.


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