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Fear Itself "s/t" LP

Fear Itself "s/t" LP

Fear Itself "s/t" LP

Art. Nr.: WIS-004 Land/Jahr: USA 1969

A "freaked out" heavy version of Jefferson Airplane or Big Brother & the Holding Co.
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The album was originally released in 1969 on Dot-Records, but didn´t receive too much attention - maybe it appeared as a too much "freaked out" heavy version of Jefferson Airplane or Big Brother & the Holding Co. The group started back in Atlanta Georgia in 1967 as a quartet with 2 guitars, played true psychedelic sound, recorded with Tom Wilson at the Record Plant in NYC, and moved to Woodstock (NY). The 10 album tracks contain 2 arrangements of traditional tunes all others are originals reflecting true electric heavy blues with a strong Hendrix feel, duelling guitarwork and an outstanding female voice plus lots of intense stereo effects. 

The group performed at Woodstock Festival in 1968 (one year before) and played the hottest venues of NYC such as Filmore East. Ellen McIlwaine, the founder of the group made an international solo career as blues-singer and slide guitarist sharing the bill with Jimi Hendrix (main influence), Laura Nyro, Howlin' Wolf, Weather Report, Taj Mahal, George Thorogood, Tom Waits, Chicago, Bruce Springsteen and played a series of concerts with Johnny Winter. 

This release, with stunning soundquality from the masters comes with original foldout cover art and innersleeve with pictures, memorabilia and biographical background. For all 60´s collectors who are not familiar with this masterpiece - it´s a must have - there are not many groups that were able to present the freewheelin´-concert-feeling on their studio album!


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