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Dragonwyck "s/t" LP + 10"

Dragonwyck "s/t" LP + 10"

Dragonwyck "s/t" LP + 10"

Art. Nr.: RFR-023 Land/Jahr: USA 1968-70

The mood of the music is dark, mystic and strongly influenced of the times´ spirit and the Hippie age.
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This LP release is the first of a WIS-Dragonwyck trilogy. The group from Cleveland (OH) was one of the most promising bands in that area, opened shows for bands as Foghat, Golden Earring, Edgar Winter Group etc. The mood of the music is dark, mystic and strong influenced of the times´ spirit and the hippie age. Anything goes! Shortly after highschool in 1970, the 5 guys recorded 7 tracks, released a test pressing on Pama Records in an edition of only 85 copies. It was reissued in the 1990s by Rockadelic Records as a limited edition on LP and CD, since then this band is a milestone for all heavy/psychedelic music collectors.

Jim Morrison and The Doors brought main inspiration to Dragonwyck´s music with the small difference that songs are heavier and more progressive. The sound is not just dominated by great vocals, there are lots of freaked out heavy guitar solos and swirling Hammond B3 organ, which bring an individual note to the music. This LP is done from the mastertape which once seemed to be lost, a bio, photos and the original artwork supposed for the album that never came out (gatefold cover). Extra included are a poster and a bonus 10" EP with 5 bonus tracks (3 unreleased).


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