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The Flying Eyes "s/t" Col-LP

The Flying Eyes "s/t" Col-LP

The Flying Eyes "s/t" Col-LP

Art. Nr.: WIS-2751C Land/Jahr: USA 2009

Limited white vinyl-edition.
Sofort lieferbar.

The Flying Eyes are a very promising heavy psych quartet hailing from Baltimore, Maryland. This is their debut release, a full length compilation of two excellently recorded EPs ("Bad Blood" & "Winter"). Their 10 awesome original cuts (no fillers) reflect ultimately authentic the musical influences and spirit of the Woodstock generation, heavy, acid-tinged blues-rock cooked with melodic, psychedelic pop; haunted by the ghosts of The Doors, Pink Floyd and Cream while defining their own unique sound. The group has already played with many renowned bands such as The Raveonettes, The Black Angels, Witch and Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys (during SXSW 2009). The Flying Eyes have also created an annual, home-grown music festival, "Farm Fest", in Manchester, Maryland. For those sentimentalists who love the expressive and colourful 60s & 70s psychedelic spirit.forget about an eventual invention of a time machine. The Flying Eyes stop by to open your ears eyes for the new old dimension of open-minded classic rock music and NO!!! they where not frozen for 40 years, they are NOW!


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