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Spaceship Landing "s/t" Col-2LP

Spaceship Landing "s/t" Col-2LP

Spaceship Landing "s/t" Col-2LP

Art. Nr.: WIS-3510C Land/Jahr: GER 2012

Limited colored vinyl-edition.
Sofort lieferbar.

Thee Spaceship is back! With their outrageous, hypnotising and punchy self-released, limited debut album from 2006 the German spacerockers set a huge exclamation point and were one of the biggest hopes in the psychedelic-heavy-doom-jam Rock scene. They got booked by the most important Festivals like Roadburn (NL) and Stoned from the Undergroud and left a really convincing and still lasting impression. The musical intention is heavily leaned on the jam krautrock of the early 1970s, predominantly epic, passionately played, and heated up by hard driven vintage fuzz/wahwah of guitar riffs and a massively marching rhythm section.

Their psychedelic improvisations from partly far over 10 mins leave also the place for experimental passages with spherical organ / sax / guitar-sound-effects to generate intense, original and multi-faceted sound pictures and atmospheres. Here, now released for the first time the complete newly compiled material of Spaceship Landing including 3 bonustracks with a running time of 79,5 mins. The authentic production was completely produced and re-mastered analogously. Definitely a very long album, but it leaves exactly at the right time moments for breathing deeply and ensures that way multiple adrenalin pushes!


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