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Cold Sun "Dark Shadows" Col-LP

Cold Sun "Dark Shadows" Col-LP

Cold Sun "Dark Shadows" Col-LP

Art. Nr.: WIS-019C Land/Jahr: USA 1970

Limited colored vinyl edition.
Sofort lieferbar.

This is the vinyl re-release of World In Sound´s limited collectors edition from the year 2008. Without any doubt Cold Sun are one of Austins milestones of the heavy-acid-psych and garage movement. The album was recorded in 1970 in the legendary Sonobeat studios, where the Mariani and Johnny Winter´s first LPs were produced. Cold Sun are considered contemporaries of Velvet Underground and The Fugs, often listed as being in a similar vein, but inspirations for this unique piece actually go back to the desperated, haunting sound of Joe Meek. All seven tunes lyrically express a dark and mystic poetry combined with the deep floating 60s psychedelic fuzz spirit, presented in compact mini-epics along with several mind blowing long tunes, such as "Ra-Ma", "Here In The Year" and "Fall".

Autoharp wizard Billy Miller eventually spearheaded Roky Erickson`s international debut as the Cold Sun band joined forces with Roky in 1974 and backed Roky´s Aliens on his famous albums and historical concerts. Carefully remastered from the mastertapes, this album will bring new rewarding listening experiences in expanded fidelity; contains a poster with bio and memorabilia. These recordings were back then only been released on acetate and were discovered by Dallas´ Rockadelic Records in 1991. Then “Dark Shadows” saw the light of day as a limited LP version, to become today one of the most important and revered Texas psychedelic underground gems from the early 70s!


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