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Über uns

Tasty Odds ist der offizielle Shop für LPs und CDs von World In Sound und unseren Vertriebspartnern. Rare Psychedelic und Krautrock-Alben!

World in Sound stands for timeless individuality. It finds its roots in the revolutionary youth movement of the late 1960's, in the sound of 1967's "Summer of Love" and in the era-defining festival of Woodstock in 1969. The focus lies on Psychedelic-Progressive-Hard-And-Heavy-Blues-Garage-ROCK!

At World in Sound, the virtuosity of a single musician is but a small part of the musical works. Rather, it embraces a multi-faceted rhythmical symbiosis of the band as a whole, as it pursues its highest purpose: to leave a deep musical fingerprint in an original way.

The essence of that sound should be: dramatic, vivid, creative, epic, melodic, courageous, passionate, at times experimental, but always individual and intense. A freedom of movement refers exclusively to the fact that the listener shall experience a World In Sound album on an exciting journey, seeking a repeat experience immediately.