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Gunslingers "Manifesto Zero" CD

Gunslingers "Manifesto Zero" CD

Gunslingers "Manifesto Zero" CD

Art. Nr.: WIS-3009 Land/Jahr: FRA 2010

The Gunslingers´ second atrocious little deformed baby.
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Who should have thought some incoming spawn would survive No More Invention (2008)? Yes Sirs, inside the Grand Procreator´s consumed ashes, still half lying half standing thus was some rebel mass endowed with the urge to appear in face of the fallen stuff. It would be chemically determined as a following sacrificial revenge after Invention got lost 2 years ago in a Rock located in San Pedro Ville, France. And then came rebellion appearing in its entire regained nudity, though it was given a load of Seltz water so it can endure its own terrifying blast power. Here it is now Maniacs & Zealots, be afraid of intending to tickle the Beast from your players!

World In Sound presents Manifesto Zero, Gunslingers´ second atrocious little deformed baby, recorded on the infuriated November of 2009 while evil‐red‐eyed wolves were getting enraged in the frightened night. No doubt it has to be a relentless sonic testimony in the style of throwing Vitriol at the snobbish subculture's face and, Willy‐nilly, you'll be given a proper naughty chase and a sixfold punishment always greedy of its prey from start to finish. Rhythmically Cyclopean, as overexcited as starving due to the constant hammering of its ritualistic tempo & contra‐tempo gluttony, its disturbing debauchery of lysergic & contemplative elements gives besides the whole savagery thing some multipleheaded Beast aspect by leading its own sound color touch (and its obvious axis of devastation) right into the alley of a space glider under over-saturated hypnosis; and more generally, into variable expressions & exploration areas which stand between Underground Rock Music unclassified genres & subgenres.

Demented Guitar wall‐of‐acid‐riffs, pissed off takeoffs & instrumental smashs on bewitchment mode, harmonic death traps, pulsatory frenzy & insane grooves in the likes of a vicious contortionist highway, startling surrealistic vocals sealed to a psychotic Daedalus‐esque bass unfurling, and ultimately a scary statement of visceral power. The whole thing devoted to the cult of analog 4 track tape recording, the everlasting oily machine & Slingers dynamo. Manifesto Zero is nothing less than an authentic firebrand. Gunslingers (Massacre‐Rock Deviant Inquisitors) are : Gregory Raimo (GR): Guitar & Yaya Preach / Matthieu Canaguier: Thunderbass / Antoine Hadjioannou: Prophetic Drums


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