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Wazoo "s/t" CD

Wazoo "s/t" CD

Wazoo "s/t" CD

Art. Nr.: WIS-1033 Land/Jahr: USA 1970

This group from the Detroit area is probably the weirdest experimental psych outfit of 1970.
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This group from the Detroit area is probably the weirdest experimental psych outfit of 1970. Originally the band was hired by Zig Zag Records to do cover tunes and easy listening, with the intention of "just doing whatever we want". The result was an overdosed rock concept album! Original copies are rare and pretty unknown among psych collectors until now! The 7 songs with an average length of 7 mins combine different styles of music, from heavy garage rock to bluesy westcoast, drifting into various tripped-out, funk, jazz, fusion elements with humorous/social comments.

Structure, feeling and complexity can be compared to experimental Krautrock, while the group´s basic sound is represented better by end-60s US Hippie Rock as Country Joe & the Fish or The Head Shop with its excessive fuzz guitar work, Farfisa organ, amazing vocals and several additional instruments like sax, harpsichord, cello, percussion and bells. This studio work is pretty tricky with lots of unexpected mixing and experiments reminiscent of UK´s legendary "White Noise". This CD issue contains a 12 p. colour booklet with a band´s bio and the cool original album design made by John Williams who also worked for Zappa - so it can be assumed which influences Zappa used for his 1972 "Grand Wazoo" album?!Wazoo presents free & atmospheric rock at the highest level of musicianship! Discover a unique piece of early 70s psychedelia!


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