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Fred "Notes On A Picnic" CD

Fred "Notes On A Picnic" CD

Fred "Notes On A Picnic" CD

Art. Nr.: WIS-1016 Land/Jahr: USA 1973-74

64 minutes of honest, dangerous, and awesome music that will own you!
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After the successful debut of Fred's first album (WIS-1003) with progressive, psychedelic rock, they return with a second album featuring the continued growth of an original and innovative sound. Lots of heavy electric guitar, progressive electric violin with fusion/ classical overtones, massive rock drums and bass, swirling garage rock organ, funky/jazzy electric piano, and heavenly vocal harmonies all mix together to create music that is uniquely fred. Influenced by Frank Zappa, King Crimson, and Mahavishnu with echoes of 70's rock bands like Traffic, Procol Harum, Jethro Tull, and The Allman Brothers, these performances sound like something else entirely. 

The master tapes were originally recorded 1973/74 at Blue Rock, the "Rolling Stone"-studio, called "the apotheosis of the laid back". Blue Rock even had walls made of denim and Turkish rugs on the floor - sort of like an opium den with a 16-track recording console. The eight instrumental and three vocal tracks (2 with lyrics) are at the highest level of musical proficiency and creativity in the progressive rock genre. Included as a bonus track is the trippy, late-night studio jam on War's "Slippin' Into Darkness" that will blow your mind. 

24-bit digitally remastered from the original session tapes, "Notes on a Picnic" is a full-tilt, sonic feast for fans of progressive rock. Violinist David Rose later went on to record as a successful solo artist in France in collaboration with Serge Perathoner. The CD booklet contains informative liner notes, original Fred cartoons, and plenty of photos. 64 minutes of honest, dangerous, and awesome music that will own you. Own it today!


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