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V.A. Trip In Time Vol. 3 "Psychedelic Adventures On Planet Earth" CD

V.A. Trip In Time Vol. 3 "Psychedelic Adventures On Planet Earth" CD

V.A. Trip In Time Vol. 3 "Psychedelic Adventures On Planet Earth" CD

Art. Nr.: WIS-2503 Land/Jahr: INT 2007-08

Only unreleased material!
Sofort lieferbar.

This is the 3rd Chapter of the Trip In Time Psychedelic Series, and at least as interesting as the previous ones, only unreleased material! - It presents 18 of the recent Top-Hard-Psych-Garage-Kraut-Underground Bands (several from Scandinavia and Germany, but also from Spain, France, US, Peru), listening to this Compilation you will NOT believe that all songs are contemporary recordings (most are very well produced but reflect a very intense RETRO-SPIRIT - nearly unbelievable). The music itself ranges from hard&heavy "Doors" Sound, Pink Floyd style, Blues Hard Rock a la Mountain, true 60s Garage Beat but also early Amon Düül 2 or Brainticket flashes. A running time of 78 mins + a 12p booklet will guide the way to the music of TOMORROW. 

01 Electric Mystical Soul Vibration - Bohemian Dropout 
02 The People - Real Love 
03 Ginger - Now I See 
04 Jenda Wight - Unstable Mind (Trip in Time Edit)
05 Jarvis Jay - You're Gone 
06 Fuzz Manta - Mysterious Thoughts 
07 Mother and Sun - Lasting The Circle 
08 Psychoine - Serpenteando 
09 The Magnificent Brotherhood - My Flash On You 
10 Crystal Caravan - A New Time Is Coming 
11 Living Room - Times Like Lakes 
12 The Flying Eyes - Lay With Me
13 Black Box Massacre - Djingis Kong 
14 Serpentina Satelite – Madripoor 
15 Aqua Nebula Oscillator - Celestial Dream 
16 Space Debris - Medicine Man 
17 Fantasyy Factoryy - Summer Days 
18 Zaphire Oktaloque - Green Grass And The Black Clouds


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