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Embryo "Live At Burg Herzberg Festival 2007" CD

Embryo "Live At Burg Herzberg Festival 2007" CD

Embryo "Live At Burg Herzberg Festival 2007" CD

Art. Nr.: WIS-2504 Land/Jahr: GER 2007

Highly recommended for Jam-&-Impro-Freaks!
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Are you ready to bring the authentic roots of Free-Flowing Krautrock Jams and true festival feeling to your home? Embryo and the Burg Herzberg Festival (Europe´s biggest Hippie event) is a long story... 40 years ago, when the first one happened in the old castle, Embryo was there. After that performance they even got robbed, a blue painted violin and a good amp were gone for ever. In all the years following the festival got bigger and changed to a different place to find room for the growing audience and stages. Embryo played there many times in different line-ups. This performance was a sort of chill out act for the whole festival.

The nucleus of this band (Jens, Lothar, Mik. Marja, Christian) had grown through all the many years on tour to a steady line-up, supported by five other friends: on trumpet Werner, who was introduced by Mik, one of the few good oboe-players around. On guitar Valentin Altenberger. His father is a modern jazz drummer and his mother, a jazzsinger who grew up in the family of Bobbie Jones, known for his work with Charles Mingus, so he grew up in a musical surrounding and knows Marja since his childhood. On oud and guitar Andy Rust who knows much about Indian culture and is with Embryo since some years. The third electric guitar is played by Björn Eric Münz from Ensemble ORIENT-EXPRESS, also good friends of Embryo.

On Percussion Norbert Keck who had been playing with the band almost on all the Herzberg gigs in the last years. This CD presents a rawer electric set by Embryo (because the wet and cold wind at the Festival weekend made it too hard to tune the acoustic instruments)! So, this CD will satisfy the early 70s Kraut-Jam-Improvisation-Rock fans a lot but feat. also jazzy vibes and structures. Includes an 8 p. booklet with nice linernotes by bandleader C. Burchard (German & English, great sound quality, 3 extended pieces, 75 mins, analog mixing and mastering). Highly recommended for Jam-&-Impro-Freaks!


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