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Aktuelle Veröffentlichungen CD Tasty Odds/Compact Discs/Aktuelle Veröffentlichungen CDArtikel

Buddha Sentenza "Semaphora" CD

A perfect, modernized match of psychedelic, stoner and jam music.
14,00 € *

Buddha Sentenza "South Western Lower Valley Rock" CD

Timeless progressive and psychedelic Krautrock 2013!
9,90 € *

Cliffsight "Soulful Man" CD

This album is a drug, but a healthy one! A terrific debutalbum!
15,00 € *

Coogans Bluff "CB Funk" CD

First album of the superb German heavy rock band.
14,00 € *

Coogans Bluff "Magic Bubbles" CD

With flashes of various major acts in classic rock history, such as ...
14,00 € *

DeWolff "s/t" EP-CD

Psychedelic blues from the Dutch province of Limburg.
9,00 € *

DeWolff "Strange Fruits And Undiscovered Plants" CD

Takes you back to when Led Zeppelin, Cream, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple ...
15,00 € *

Doctor Cyclops "Borgofondo" CD

Captivates raw energy and its wealth of intelligent psychedelic and ...
9,90 € *

Doctor Cyclops "Oscuropasso" CD

Second album of Italian hard rock trio Doctor Cyclops.
9,90 € *

Dunst "Archimedes Waffen" CD

Sharing similar vibes with Colour Haze, Samsara Blues Experiment and ...
9,90 € *

El Cuy "s/t" CD

The energy of these dudes is absolutely overflowing!
8,00 € *

Embryo "Live At Burg Herzberg Festival 2007" CD

Highly recommended for Jam-&-Impro-Freaks!
13,00 € *

GR & Full-Blown Expansion "s/t" CD

Supreme wild stuff of weird, abstract & deviationist ...
8,00 € *

Gunslingers "Manifesto Zero" CD

The Gunslingers´ second atrocious little deformed baby.
9,90 € *

Gunslingers "No More Invention" CD

Expect pure apotheosis of wild horror biker freakouts, acid avant-punk ...
14,00 € *

Heat "Old Sparky" CD

Energetic Blues-drenched mixture of early Sabbath, Zeppelin & ...
8,00 € *

iH8 Camera "s/t" CD

Experimental guitar-driven musician collective Belgium with influences ...
9,90 € *

Imaad Wasif with Two Part Beast "Strange Hexes" CD

A lost gem of contemporary rock music.
9,90 € *

Karmic Society "s/t" CD

Mostly instrumental jams, the Karmic Society reflects the traditional ...
9,90 € *

Kirkbinsinek "Sis Pus Sus" CD

World In Sound´s first release from Turkey.
14,00 € *

La Ira De Dios "Apus Revolution Rock" CD

Reflections of the 60s acid punk era with its catchy, raw & ...
9,90 € *

La Ira De Dios "Cosmos, Kaos, Destruccion" CD

Maximum Volume Rock And Roll!
9,90 € *

La Ira De Dios "Peru No Existe" CD

The Peruvian Space Punks are back with their fifth album.
8,00 € *

Lemonade Influence "s/t" CD

With ex-members of the most important contemporary Greek psychedelic ...
13,00 € *

Living Room "Times Like Lakes" CD

Living Room reach a high level in authenticity. You´ll bet, that this ...
9,90 € *

Manticore´s Breath "Death Breath" CD

Ex-Will-o-the Wisp, who have outgrown their old name and musical style.
18,50 € *

Manticore´s Breath "Second Breath" CD

Second album has a more psychedelic, hard and strong bluesy doom sound.
17,00 € *

Morpheus "Restless Dreams" CD

The 2017 full-length by the reunited German band, which already became ...
15,00 € *

Murder In The Cathedral "Afraid Of" CD

Amazingly underrated French neo-psychedelic band.
15,00 € *

Neue Aera "Aerabian" CD

Open minded and innovative. A logical continuation of AERA´s earlier ...
15,00 € *

Obskuria "Burning Sea Of Green" CD

Obskuria will hit you like an asteroid storm straight into the face.
14,00 € *

Obskuria "Discovery Of Obskuria" CD

This soundtrack concept album is best described as a Voodoo Space Rock ...
15,00 € *

Orcus Chylde "s/t" CD

Their debut album and its multifaceted, intelligent melodic compositions.
14,00 € *

Postures "Halucinda" CD

Promising 2nd album by Swedish heavy progressive rock quintet.
9,90 € *

Postures "s/t" CD

Swedish band POSTURES release is both ambitious and mature.
9,90 € *

Prisma Circus "MK II Promethea's Armageddon" CD

Ignites true psychedelic hard rock fireworks.
14,00 € *

Prisma Circus "Reminiscences" CD

The debut of Prisma Circus unleashes truly wild and authentic ...
14,00 € *

Rufus Zuphall "Outside The Gates Of Eden" 2CD

A superb work, which reminds the best moments of their classic second ...
19,00 € *

Samsara Blues Experiment "Long Distance Trip" CD

This is the first full-length album of the Berlin-based heavy-psych ...
14,00 € *

Samsara Blues Experiment "One With The Universe" CD

A culmination of all their works and a hard-hitting invitation to float ...
14,00 € *

Samsara Blues Experiment "Revelation & Mystery" CD

The successor of their cult debut album "Long Distance Trip".
14,00 € *

Samsara Blues Experiment "Waiting For The Flood" CD

Four tracks and almost 50-minutes long "Waiting For The ...
14,00 € *

Serpentina Satelite "Nothing To Say" CD

Another example for the high-energy Peruvian underground!
9,90 € *

Shizoey "Lineaments" CD

Creates its own one-of-a-kind Blood Rock For Your Soul / Shizo-Rock.
13,00 € *

Soulitude "So Came Restless Night" CD

Solo project by Christian Peters (singer in Samsara Blues Experiment).
8,00 € *

Spaceship Landing "s/t" CD

Their psychedelic improvisations create intense, original and ...
14,00 € *

Sun And The Wolf "Salutations" CD

Fuzz driven psychedelia with catchy riffage.
9,90 € *

Surya Kris Peters "Ego Therapy" CD

Solo project of Samsara Blues Experiment's Christian Peters.
12,00 € *

The Flying Eyes "Done So Wrong" CD

The Flying Eyes have continued to develop and intensify their own sound.
14,00 € *

The Flying Eyes "s/t" CD

The Flying Eyes are a very promising heavy psych quartet hailing from ...
14,00 € *