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Frisch eingetroffen! Tasty Odds/Neue Artikel im Shop

Easy Chair "s/t" Col-LP

Limited white vinyl-edition.
38,00 € *

Easy Chair "s/t" LP

Feat. Jeff Simmons, US-Northwest psychedelic pioneers.
30,00 € *

The Open Mind "s/t" LP

One of the best-loved British psychedelic albums of all time.
21,00 € *

Yuri Gagarin "s/t" Col-LP

Space Rock from Sweden.
21,00 € *

Stone Angel "s/t" LP

Recalls the finest traits of seventies British-tinged acid folk.
21,00 € *

Frumpy "All Will Be Changed" LP

1970 German progressive classic.
21,00 € *

Titus Groan "s/t" LP

Their sound approaches the early UK prog.
21,00 € *

Reino Ermitano "Conjuros De Poder" LP

Limited colored vinyl edition.
21,00 € *

Jason Crest "Collected Works" LP

Killer compilation of all their singles and rarities on one vinyl LP.
21,00 € *

Marsupilami "s/t" LP

The complexity of their music is quite unusual for the times.
21,00 € *

Blue Phantom "Distortions" LP

'Distortions' can be thought as a psychedelic progressive gem ...
19,00 € *

13th Floor Elevators 7" Box

A wonderful 7 x coloured vinyl 7" box set.
58,00 € *

Please "1968/69" LP

Superb and historic collection of 1968-1969 UK psych.
19,00 € *

Kissing Spell "Los Pajaros" LP

One of the best 60s psychedelic albums from South America!
19,00 € *

Easy Chair "s/t" CD

Feat. Jeff Simmons, US-Northwest psychedelic pioneers.
14,00 € *

Laghonia "Glue" LP

Catchy Psychedelic Rock with fuzz-wah-wah Guitars, Hammond B-2 organ ...
17,00 € *

Die beliebtesten Artikel des Shops Tasty Odds/Top of the Shop

Samsara Blues Experiment "Waiting For The Flood" Col-LP

Limited orange marbled vinyl-edition.
21,00 € *

The Lone Crows "s/t" Col-LP

Limited blue vinyl-edition.
21,00 € *

Samsara Blues Experiment "Long Distance Trip" CD

This is the first full-length album of the Berlin-based heavy-psych ...
14,00 € *

Cold Sun "Dark Shadows" CD

Cold Sun are considered contemporaries of Velvet Underground and The ...
14,50 € *

Mystic Siva "s/t" CD

Remastered and remixed from the original first generation master tape!
14,50 € *

C.K. Strong "s/t" CD

Originally this extraordinary heavy-psychedelic-blues rock album was ...
14,50 € *