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LP-Bundle #5: Oblivious & Postures

LP-Bundle #5: Oblivious & Postures

LP-Bundle #5: Oblivious & Postures

Art. Nr.: WIS-3520 / 3517

Save 25% on both LP-albums!
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LP-Bundle #5: Get 2 LPs, save 25%!
Oblivious "Creating Meaning" LP: “Creating Meaning” is about classic guitar driven retro rock with stunning vocals, sometimes straight forward boogie blues, but also with haunted and melancholic moments. Enjoy the strong and authentic flashes of the British heavy 70s blues hardrock! Somehow this 8-track album reminds of Steamhammer´s “Mountains” with more screaming and punchy guitar-work, but it also captures song structures in the vein of Led Zeppelin, UFO and Black Sabbath or contemporary likeminded groups as Graveyard, Dozer or Clutch. Postures "s/t" LP: Very well produced, the album is conceptually clearly an attribute to the early 1970s , with the spirit of Pink Floyd, Yes, Can, Doors and Jefferson Airplane. In addition to the impressive and dynamic vocals of Paulina Nyström, a mighty psychedelic-progressive orchestra taking its time to explore soundscapes with all the ups and downs in a dramatic way, atmospheric, hypnotic, sometimes experimental, but also very intense, with punchy hardrock rhythm, heavy guitar riffs, fuzzed-out solos and floating Hammond Organ vibes. Due to their individuality it is quite difficult to come up with direct comparisons to other bands. However, fans of Portishead and The Gathering who love the violent, progressive element in Mars Volta and appreciate the dynamic sonority of the 1970s, should listen very carefully to this one!



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