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CD-Bundle #5: To Get Her Together & The Shivas

CD-Bundle #5: To Get Her Together & The Shivas

CD-Bundle #5: To Get Her Together & The Shivas

Art. Nr.: WIS-3002 / 3004

Save 25% on both CD-albums!
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CD-Bundle #5: Get 2 CDs, save 25%!
To Get Her Together "John See´s Lilly" CD: Behind this extraordinary retrospective release stand musicians from Portland, OR Jeff Sanger and Alexa Marmon. John See's Lilly is certainly a psychedelic gem and introduces the world to the mystic and creative To Get Her Together which carries the influence of Seeds, Electric Prunes, Syd Barrett, Donovan´s psychedelic period and Joe Meek all rolled into one, feat. also a great cover version of "Clarence in Wonderland" (K. Ayers). They create a sound that sums up a scene from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The Shivas "Where Have You Gone To?" CD: Authentic 60s Psychedelic Rock over the past few years has undergone a strong international revival, and brings up a lot of young but only a few talented bands. THE SHIVAS are both! These four teenagers present a very remarkable debut album feat. 13 original songs of 69 min. running time long-but truly a varietive album with interesting surprises to take you on a colourful journey! Bandleader Jared Wait-Molyneux presents his ideas of fresh lively sound combined with a message through his characteristic vocals.



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